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What Should Follicular Lymphoma Patients Know About Beauty Products?

What Should Follicular Lymphoma Patients Know About Beauty Products? from Patient Empowerment Network on Vimeo.

What do follicular lymphoma patients need to know about beauty products? Expert Dr. Kami Maddocks from The Ohio State University explains beauty products that can help protect patients from complications and secondary malignancies.

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Lisa Hatfield:

Another good question, and this comes up with many blood cancers or a lot of cancers. Should patients be mindful of beauty products such as shampoos, soaps, and sunblocks when in remission for follicular lymphoma?

Dr. Kami Maddocks:

That’s another great question. I am not aware of any data connecting those specific things. I think patients definitely should be wearing sunblock, because we know that a lot of patients with blood cancers can get secondary malignancies. So being careful of being…we also know, I should say, even patients who are getting treated can have a more sensitivity to the sun.

So being careful with sun precautions, either avoiding the sun or wearing sunblock, making sure you’re covered when you go outside. I’ll even say I’ve seen a few patients who during treatment have gotten bad windburns. So your skin definitely can be more sensitive when you’re receiving therapies.

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