The Value of PEN: Your Path to Patient Empowerment

The Value of PEN: Your Path to Patient Empowerment

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Start here. That is the message Patient Empowerment Network (PEN) is sending to cancer patients and care partners in the first of a series of five videos introducing PEN and its programs. Getting a cancer diagnosis can be a confusing and overwhelming time. No one gives you a handbook to help guide you through treatment options, doctor visits, and all the information coming your way, and it can be hard to know where to begin to make sense of it all. PEN is where you begin. Through free online resources that help to educate cancer patients and care partners about the options for the best possible care available, PEN serves to guide and support you step by step through your cancer journey.

In this first video you will be introduced to PEN through three of the members who serve on PEN’s diverse, talented, and entrepreneurial-minded board of directors. Two of the members are also cancer survivors. Board Member Scott Riccio describes PEN as the first step to take after someone is diagnosed with cancer. He says that PEN shows patients how to learn what to do through empowerment and building confidence.

In addition to educating patients, Board Member and Cancer Survivor Nancy Gatschet says, PEN plays the role of coach for your cancer journey marathon. She says PEN empowers you every step of the way. Board Secretary and Cancer Survivor Dr. Sajjad Iqbal adds that PEN uses knowledge to empower cancer patients. Knowledge about your illness helps you to be proactive in your treatment, which can lead to a better outcome and higher survival rates.

As you will learn throughout this video series, PEN has a variety of programs to help improve a patient’s journey, and these resources are completely free and available to you any time you need them. You can access PEN 24 hours a day, every day. Cancer doesn’t take time off and neither do the PEN resources.

So, start here. Watch the first video, find out how PEN can support you, and get involved.

Your Path to Patient Empowerment from Patient Empowerment Network on Vimeo.