COLONTOWN University Resources

COLONTOWN University Resources

COLONTOWN is an online community of more than 120 “secret” groups on Facebook for colorectal patients, survivors, and care partners. There are separate neighborhoods focused on patients with different stages of disease, the differing types of treatment, and special interests – such as CRC clinical trials, young-onset CRC patients, and local support groups.. Check out some of their valuable resources below:

1. CRC101 for Newly Diagnosed Patients

CRC101 is your first stop for learning about a diagnosis of colorectal cancer. From understanding the jargon to tips for navigating your first few weeks, you will find everything here that the thousands of patients and caregivers in COLONTOWN think you should know right from the beginning. Learn more here.

2. Diagnostic and Surveillance Testing Learning Center

The Testing Learning Center provides up to date information about liquid biopsies, tumor sequencing, and all the new ways to get information about your cancer. We’ve got not only the science, but also the logistics, covered; how to get a test, and how to get it reimbursed. Learn more here.

3. The Lecture Hall

A collection of more than 30 webinars with leading clinicians and researchers to stay up to speed on everything colon cancer. Learn more here.