Town Meeting for Lung Cancer Patients, Caregivers, and Families

LUNGevity Live Making Your Best Treatment Choices in Lung Cancer Saturday, March 5th   MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, Texas There are numerous new developments in the treatment of lung cancer, including multiple treatments approved over the last several months. As the pace of research quickens, many patients and care partners find themselves trying to […]

Town Meeting for Lung Cancer Patients, Caregivers, and Families

Lung Cancer Town Meeting For Patients and Care Partners Getting the Right Testing and the Right Treatment at the Right Time Saturday, September 10, 2016 Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center Chicago, Illinois On Saturday, September 10th, in Chicago, Illinois, Patient Power and LUNGevity will hold a free in-person town meeting at Robert H. Lurie […]

LIVE Webinar: What’s the Hope Today for Living With Small Cell Lung Cancer?

How do I live well with small cell lung cancer (SCLC)? Why does small cell lung cancer have fewer newer treatment options like NSCLC (targeted therapies, immunotherapy)? What is on the horizon for SCLC patients and how can patients play a role in advancing research? In this one-hour LIVE program, we will discuss the latest […]

LIVE Lung Cancer Q&A Webinar

How Do I Stay Strong During Lung Cancer Treatment? How can I stay strong during lung cancer treatment? Can I tackle fatigue, nausea and anxiety through lifestyle changes? What new treatments are available for helping manage side effects? How can early use of supportive care measures help? Join us to learn what treatment management tools and resources are available […]

LIVE Webinar: What Are the Best Actionable Resources Available for Lung Cancer Patients?

What resources are available to me during and after lung cancer treatment? What financial resources are available if my insurance doesn’t cover costs? Can having second-opinion conversations actually be good for your health? What is the role of faith? Join us to learn how you or your loved one can be supported throughout your journey […]

How Can Lung Cancer Patients Stay Involved in Research to Innovate New Treatments?

As lung cancer research efforts continue to gain steam, results of trial studies are presented at major medical meetings like WCLC, ASCO and major initiatives like the Biden Cancer Summit are dedicated to marshaling resources across the federal government to help lead to improved cancer prevention. Will patients attending these meetings drive research and innovate new treatments? Does attending have a positive […]

Q&A Webinar: How Do We Increase Precision Medicine’s Reach in Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer research is moving at such a rapid pace with the understanding that on a molecular level, lung cancer is not just one disease, but many.  As a result, patients and care partners often struggle to make sense of the latest research in this era of precision medicine.  What are the markers being looked at in lung cancer, and […]

Fact or Fiction? Lung Cancer Symptoms, Side Effects & Treatment

When it comes to online resources in lung cancer, how do you decipher fact from fiction? Attend this webinar with renowned lung cancer expert and researcher, Dr. Martin Edelman as he shares facts about lung cancer causes and symptoms as well as updates on treatment advances. Learn tips for identifying trustworthy resources so you can be an educated […]

How Can You Access Personalized Lung Cancer Treatment?

When facing a lung cancer diagnosis, how do diagnostic tests affect your treatment plan? In this INSIST! Lung Cancer webinar, Dr. Tejas Patil will discuss appropriate testing for lung cancer, the latest targeted therapies and how emerging research is affecting patient outcomes. Dr. Tejas Patil is an academic thoracic oncologist at the University of Colorado […]

Lung Cancer Treatment Decisions: What’s Right for You?

When considering options for lung cancer therapy, what determines the best treatment for YOU? In this webinar, Dr. Jessica Bauman will review key lung cancer tests, important decision-making factors, current lung cancer treatment approaches, and emerging research.  Dr. Jessica Bauman is assistant professor in the department of hematology/oncology and as associate program director of the hematology/oncology […]

Expert Advice for Navigating Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Care and Treatment

WATCH FULL REPLAY HERE What should be considered when choosing treatment for non-small cell lung cancer? In this webinar, Dr. David Carbone reviews treatment approaches for non-small cell lung cancer, including factors that influence care decisions, the importance of biomarker testing, and explains why you should play an active role in your care. Dr. David […]