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Support Group Connector

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This resource was originally published by CancerCare.org here.

Online Support Groups

Online support groups take place using a password-protected message board format (not live chat) and are led by professional oncology social workers who offer support and guidance. Groups are held for 15 weeks at a time, and group members must register to join. After completing the registration process (which can take up to 2-3 business days), members can participate by posting in the groups 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Telephone Support Groups

Connect with other people from across the country who share similar concerns in weekly, regularly scheduled, one-hour sessions.


Face-to-Face Support Groups

Led by CancerCare® oncology social workers at our offices in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey. Don’t live in the area? We can help you find face-to-face support groups in your own community.


To learn more about CancerCare’s telephone and face-to-face support groups or to register, call 800‑813‑HOPE (4673).

My Life Line

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This resource was originally published by MyLifeLine.org here.

Transforming the cancer experience through community and connection

Connect with Others Like You

  1. Join our discussion boards
  2. Find support and hope
  3. Exchange information, opinions, and stories
  4. Moderated by a licensed professional
  5. Available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

Living with Cancer

Find resources on financial issues, health insurance, treatment options, clinical trials, diagnoses, nutrition, and much more.

Keep Your Friends & Family Informed & Involved

  1. Connect through your private community website
  2. Interactive blog to document your cancer journey
  3. Events & volunteers on the Helping Calendar
  4. Assign Care Coordinators to help manage your site

Privacy Controls

Ensure the right people have access to comments, volunteer to help you, send you private messages and see your discussion posts.


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Annual Volunteers


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Discussion Board Supporters

My Care Activator ™

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This resource was originally published by Cancer.com here.

My Care Activator™ Taking a proactive role in your health is important. My Care Activator™ is an interactive resource that uses information about your health and habits to provide support when you need it most.

STEP 1: Set your Cancer.com preferences to unlock access to My Care Activator™.

Set Your Preferences Now  If you already set your Cancer.com preferences, access My Care Activator™ now.

STEP 2: My Care Activator™ will ask questions in order to tailor a program focused on your needs to build skills in the following areas:

– Coping With Symptoms
– Handling Emotions
– Learning to Relax
– Working With Your Care Team
– Getting Better Sleep

– Building Support
– Asking for Help
– Living With Purpose
– Getting Moving

To support your progress, My Care Activator™ gives you Action Steps—think of them as exercises or tips and tricks to take better care of yourself.

Your program will include skills to help you cope with symptoms and live a more fulfilling life.

Your To-Do List helps keep you on track with your Action Steps.

My Care

Get access to My Care Activator™, an exclusive support program to help with your unique challenges.

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