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Loving Kindness Meditation (Part II)

Loving Kindness Meditation (Part II) from Patient Empowerment Network on Vimeo.

 Learn about cultivating love and kindness towards others and enhancing your capacity for social connectedness. Watch now.

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Greetings everyone. Thank you for joining this Patient Empowerment Network program. In this practice session we will be planting seeds of loving kindness towards others in the garden of our minds. To start our practice, find a comfortable seat. A chair is perfectly fine. And make any arrangements to support your back if necessary.

Allow your eyes to softly close, if you feel comfortable doing so. Begin to feel into the weight of your body being supported by your seat. Taking in a deep breath in through the nostrils and exhale softly out the mouth with pursed lips. Do this several times. Releasing control of the breath and allow yourself to feel into the natural rhythm of your breath. The natural uncontrolled breath. Relaxing with each breath. Bring to mind the feeling of love to the best of your ability. Without forcing it. You may bring up a memory to support you in this process. The important thing here is to feel into the quality of love itself. Again, without forcing it.

Allowing this feeling of love to permeate your mind and body, your entire being. With a loving heart bring to mind someone who is dear to you. With a kind and loving heart begin to silently repeat the following phrases towards them. Feeling into to each repetition of the phrases to best of your ability without forcing it. May you be safe from harm, May you be well in mind and body, May you be happy, May you live with ease, May you be filled with lovingkindness. Let’s circle back and extend this kind heartedness towards all beings.  May all beings be safe from harm, May all beings be well in mind and body, May all beings be happy, May all beings live with ease, May all beings be filled with lovingkindness. Releasing the phrases. Noticing how you feel. Gently open your eyes. We hope you have enjoyed this Patient Empowerment Network program