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Meditation on Joy

Meditation on Joy from Patient Empowerment Network on Vimeo.

Learn about taking in the good by attending to the qualitative state of JOY and making it a more available inner resource. Watch now.

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Greetings everyone. Thank you for joining this Patient Empowerment Network program. In this practice session we will be focusing our attention on positive states of mind that support wellbeing. The mind can be looked at like a garden. In this practice we will be planting seeds in the garden of our minds by focusing our attention on positive states of mind. These mental states become inner resources that are more accessible to us in our daily experiences. So, for this particular practice session we will be planting the seeds of joy.

To start our practice, find a comfortable seat. A chair is perfectly fine. And make any arrangements to support your back if necessary. Allow your eyes to softly close if you feel comfortable doing so. Feeling into the weight of your body being supported by your seat. Bring the mind to an experience of Joy. Recalling any experience that brings to mind Joy. Something that has lifted your spirits. Feel into the joy of the experience. So you want to tap into the joy, the feeling of joy. Letting go of the story and focus on the feeling of joy. Maintaining your attention on joy. If the mind wonders about gently come back to feeling joy. Without fighting your mind gently come back to the feeling of joy. Opening yourself to this joy. Allowing it to fill your mind. Noticing this feeling of joy. Feeling into it like it’s your first time. Taking it all in. Receiving the joy. Giving yourself over to it. Allowing it to become a part of who you are. A part of your being. This joy. This feeling of joy. Notice what is pleasant about this experience of joy. Feeling the presence of joy. Unbounded joy. Exhaling your breath out and taking in a full inhale and exhaling with a soft ah… Gently open your eyes. We hope you enjoyed this Patient Empowerment Network program