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Hope Connections

Hope Connections for Cancer Support helps people with cancer and their loved ones deal with the emotional and physical toll that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

We provide support groups for people with cancer and for caregivers, educational workshops that provide learning opportunities and mind/body classes that help rebuild strength and reduce the high level of stress that comes with a cancer diagnosis. Our programs are available to anyone affected by cancer, both patients and caregivers, regardless of the cancer diagnosis, stage of disease, age, economic status, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or where they receive their medical care.

To learn more about Hope Connections for Cancer Support and our programs, visit our website at

Hope Connections Resources:

C.H.L.M.S. Medi-Helpz Foundation

The specific objectives and purpose of C.H.L.M.S (Christomer, Henrietta, Louise, Mary, Sandra) Foundation is a national 501 © nonprofit organization formed:

  1. To establish and provide Patient Education programs.
  2. Improve the health literacy of all patients, targeting underserved communities.
  3. Create Patient Empowerment programs.
  4. Increase Patient knowledge of available healthcare resources.
  5. Develop Patient Engagement initiatives to encourage collaboration with external community organizations
  6. Remove barriers to optimal healthcare access for underserved communities.
  7. Host virtual and in-person patient webinars and seminars
  8. Participate in events and activities promoting patient education, Patient Empowerment, and Patient Engagement.

Stupid Cancer

Stupid Cancer helps empower everyone affected by adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer by ending isolation and building community. Through our innovative online and in person programming, we provide age-appropriate information and resources and build connections in the AYA community so patients, survivors, caregivers, and professionals can “Get Busy Living”. Visit to learn more!

Uplifting Athletes

Uplifting Athletes is more than a nonprofit, we are a community invested in the lives of those impacted by rare disease. We are a unified collective of next-generation talent including patients and their caregivers, allies, healthcare providers, researchers at all stages of their careers, and families who are experiencing bereavement or still in search of a diagnosis. We are planting seeds of hope for the future through initiatives that reinforce foundational research and educating emerging professions from underrepresented backgrounds while serving those who need resources now with one-of-a-kind events.

Learn about and connect with Uplifting Athletes:

Marguerita Holistic Health Center

Marguerita Holistic Health Center (M2HC) is a non-governmental organization based in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Their mission is to alleviate the suffering of individuals, affected by various diseases, through health, psychosocial, economic, educational, sports and recreational support; to carry out integrated and comprehensive interventions for individuals, and to promote solidarity and living together.

Learn More About Marguerita Holistic Health Center



Side Effect Support LLC (SES)

Side Effect Support LLC (SES) is an online resource dedicated to improving the comfort and overall well-being of those with cancer through a focus on oral health and the management of side effects in the mouth. SES empowers patients, family caregivers, and healthcare providers with information and access to products and services to proactively address oral side effects and improve quality of life during the treatment process and throughout survivorship.

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS)

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship’s (NCCS) mission is to advocate for quality cancer care for all people touched by cancer.  Founded by and for cancer survivors, NCCS created the widely accepted definition of survivorship and defines someone as a cancer survivor from the time of diagnosis and for the balance of life. NCCS has worked with legislators and policy makers to represent cancer patients and survivors in efforts to improve their quality of care and quality of life after diagnosis. Their vision is to be an advocacy organization that reflects the needs of all cancer survivors to effect policy change at the national level. NCCS represents the millions of Americans who share a common experience – the survivorship experience – living with, through and beyond a cancer diagnosis. That experience has value and can be a transforming, positive force. NCCS also knows that cancer survivors and those who care for them face many challenges.

NCCS Resources

Survivorship Checklist

NCCS Survivorship Checklist

Cancer Policy Advocacy Team

Alira Health

Alira Health is a global healthcare firm whose mission is to humanize healthcare and life sciences in partnership with patients. We provide consulting and clinical services enabled by technology and real-world evidence. From development to medical care, we complement the expertise of our Pharma, Biotech, and MedTech clients with a full spectrum of services across their entire solutions lifecycle.

Patients Rising

Patients Rising partners with The Patient Helpline to provide patient support and navigation services.

The Patient Helpline is a patient support and navigator program that provides online, email, and phone support to help connect patients to the services they need.

The Patient Helpline is here to help patients, caregivers, and allies find solutions when they are not sure how to find them on their own. The services may be out there; the Navigators can help people find them.

The Patient Helpline can…

  • Find an organization that specializes in addressing your specific concern at the federal, state, or local level
  • Give you websites and phone numbers to problem-solving agencies
  • Share the solutions that have already been proven to help others
  • Listen with care and compassion to your need

The Patient Helpline is a program of Patients Rising. Formed in 2015 as a 501(c)3, Patients Rising has developed a significant following of over 110,000 patients and caregivers and has guided more than 25,000 of them on their journeys to advocate for themselves and their loved ones to get the care and treatments they need to live a fulfilling life.

Stuck? Call 800-685-2654 or email


Bright Spot Network

Savor Health

Savor Health is a digital health company that provides precision nutrition interventions to cost effectively manage and reverse chronic disease.

Introducing Ina®

The Intelligent Nutrition Assistant from Savor Health®

Personalized clinically and contextually appropriate nutrition and symptom management interventions 24/7 “on demand” via SMS text.  Developed by oncology-credentialed medical experts to help cancer patients stay on treatment, prevent and manage side effects, and feel strong throughout the cancer journey.

  • Access to the knowledge of oncology-credentialed medical experts
  • Safe, secure, and free!

Learn More OR Register for Ina®



Jasper is a digital app for your cancer care. Organize your schedule, track your medications and symptoms, and access cancer care coaching support—all in one place. Jasper is available both via web and mobile app. To sign up and learn more visit

Ryn Sloane

Ryn Sloane is a breast cancer survivor, thriver and Your Cancer Mentor™.

During her cancer chapter, she realized that people are provided with a treatment plan but they aren’t prepared for the impacts that cancer has on our mental and emotional health.

Ryn is now on a mission to empower others to learn how to go from surviving to THRIVING and reclaim their lives from cancer.


Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait eases the financial burden for young adult cancer survivors preserving fertility pre- and post-treatment and starting a family through adoption, IVF, IUI or gestational surrogacy.


To provide hope and emotional and financial support to EVERY young adult cancer survivor with dreams of parenthood.