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Is Treatment Adherence & Socioeconomic Disparities in Myeloma Creating Roadblocks to Best Care?

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How Can Myeloma Patients Facing Disparities Be More Proactive in Their Care?

Dr. Victoria Vardell of Huntsman Cancer Institute discusses her study where key findings reveal underrepresented myeloma patient populations are less likely to receive a stem cell transplant (SCT). Vardell encourages patients to ask questions of their providers until they have a complete understanding so they can make the most informed decisions in their myeloma care. Watch the complete interview below.

Myeloma Treatment: Black patients less likely to receive SCT

ASH 2019 Study: Here

Speak Up: Patients should ask questions until they understand in order to make more informed treatment decisions

Does Treatment Adherence in Myeloma Impact Outcomes?

Myeloma expert Dr. Sikander Ailawadhi of Mayo Clinic breaks down the importance of treatment adherence and disease management in multiple myeloma in order to get the maximum benefit. In Dr. Ailawadhi’s own words: “In myeloma it has been shown again and again, if you use the right treatment for the right duration and you get a deep response, you are more likely to do better.” Watch the complete interview below.

Myeloma Treatment: staying on regimen long enough for deepest response is important

Treatment Adherence: a known issue in multiple myeloma and many cancers

Treatment Duration: staying on the right treatment for full duration coupled with deep response is key

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