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Sabrina “Sabre” Ocasio

Sabrina Ocasio

Breast Cancer Empowerment Lead

Sabrina “Sabre” Ocasio is a fashion mogul, business woman, humanitarian, mentor and healthcare advocate. Majoring in Marketing and Advertising with a minor in Humanities at Temple University afforded a foundation in commentating, directing, event planning and producing. Sabre ultimately transitioned into a powerhouse behind the scenes of many successful events. 

In 2008 after the unexpected loss of her younger sister Sha, Sabre became inspired to excel and never give up on her dreams. January 2012, Sabre was diagnosed with Graves disease which almost proved to be fatal.  As a result, with unwavering faith and drive she was motivated to raise awareness and funding for all autoimmune diseases.  In 2017 Sabre was faced with yet another health scare, Breast Cancer.  That very same year she was declared Cancer free!  Sabre is the true definition of a survivor. 

All of these life experiences gave birth to Sabre Inc. in 2008 and Auto Immune Metro Style “AIMS” in 2012, which is one of the largest charity fashion events dedicated to raising awareness of autoimmune diseases in the name of fashion.  Sabre is now collaborating on major productions with Art Hearts Fashion, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Nordstrom and many other major businesses in the fashion world.   

Sabre’s work in production and love of children helped her crossover into talent management.  These young clients ranging from age 3 to 26 have been featured on the Disney Channel, BET, Bravo, HBO, ABC, PBS, and Lifetime just to name a few.  In support of managing these clients Sabre Inc. partners with Wells Fargo, Clinique, Global Entrepreneurship Week, Cieara’s Kids, Lancome, Ulta Beauty, Simon Mall, Saunders Bank, Linwood Production New York Fashion Week and more.   

Sabre continues to triumph over everything despite tribulations that life sends her way.  Her enthusiasm, ambition and accomplishments also afforded her the opportunity to be recognized by the former President of the United States, Barack Obama with the USA President Recognition of 2016. Sabrina is an ambitious entrepreneur that is passionate about empowering the youth and raising awareness about autoimmune diseases throughout the world. As a survivor her purpose is to help the disadvantaged reach goals that seem impossible to grasp, discover their talents at heart, and make their dreams a reality!  

Connect with Sabrina, our Breast Cancer Empowerment Lead:

What type of cancer and stage? 

A: Triple Negative Breast Cancer and Stage 1 

What was your treatment path? 

A: Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy  

As a PEN Network Manager, what are your interests and how are you helping other patients? 

A: To help people navigate through the process of understanding the diagnosis and treatment. I am educating and giving support to those in need.  

How has cancer affected your life? 

A: It made me stronger! If I can beat this, I know I can save others during my journey.  

Where can you find Sabrina?  

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