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Sherea Cary

Sherea Cary

Care Partner Empowerment Lead

As a quintessential Southern woman, she pairs grit and grace in all of her efforts. A lifelong Texan born in Beaumont and raised in Houston, she inhaled and inherited the personality and determination of her paternal grandmother, Mrs. Ernestine Cary – a formidable South Texas matriarch, businesswoman, church musician and choir director who served as the caregiver for Sherea’s great-grandmother. Mother Cary’s devotion to family, leadership in business and concern for the community are examples that continue to shape Sherea personally and professionally today.

Sherea found her calling in caregiving nearly two decades ago when she provided leadership to her family as they helped her father survive a prostate cancer diagnosis in 2000.

She compiled her tips for caregivers into a book, Next Step Navigation Tool: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide After the Initial Diagnosis of Cancer. The ultimate caregiver educator, she devotes countless hours every month to helping patients and their families take a more-organized, less-stressed approach to battling chronic illnesses.

Connect with Sherea, our Care Partner Empowerment Lead

How do you define a caregiver?

A: I define a caregiver as anyone who advocates and assist a person facing a health challenge. The person facing the health challenge could be a child, parent, relative or friend.  

As a PEN Empowerment Lead, what are your interests and how are you helping other patients? 

A: I love supporting and encouraging caregivers by listening. New caregivers feel alone, and nobody could possibly understand. I listen and allow caregivers to share with someone who has been there. I am able to say to caregivers understand. I say I am the proof you (caregiver) will make it.  

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Connect with Sherea, our Care Partner Empowerment Lead

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