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Miche’al Goodwin

Miche’al Mikki Goodwin

Gynecological Cancers Empowerment Lead

My name is Miche’al Goodwin also known as “Mikki”. I am a four-year Endometrial Stage 4 Cancer survivor. I became a peer supporter to reach back and support other women like me, to walk this journey victoriously.

I was first diagnosed in July 2019 with Endometrial cancer stage 3, after Complete Hysterectomy, I was diagnosed with Stage 4b – October 2019. My treatment path was Robotic hysterectomy, 6 rounds of Chemotherapy, and 26 rounds of radiation.  Walking this cancer journey definitely makes me not so concerned with the little things. I look at life differently and I really don’t sweat the small stuff. Each day is a gift and I look for every opportunity to share that gift. Being trusted to walk though cancer in faith, has turned the light on on my purpose.

I was born in Cleveland Ohio to Evangelist Agnes Hopkins and Reverend George Hopkins raised in Indiana. I am one of seven children. And was raised in Indiana and now reside in Texas. I am the mother of five beautiful young adults, have two wonderful son-n-laws, Grandbabies, and great grandbabies. I am a faithful believer in Jesus Christ. I enjoy spending time with her family, Church, friends, music, dancing, reading, and poetry. I am a volunteer with ECANA – Endometrial Cancer Network for African Americans women, CANCARE Cancer Support Group, and MD Anderson Cancer Support Group and Owner of AGAPE Love Wigs for cancer patients of color. I am a travel agent with InteleTravel, and life changer with PlanNet Marketing. I am a Authur of a poetry and short story book, “Poetic Travel of Life” and aguided devotional book, “S.T.R.O.N.G.” hitting the market in July. Iam motivational speaker, and encourager for small church events.

Above all I am a follow of Christ.