Virtual #patientchat Highlights

Virtual #patientchat Highlights

Community Matters: MD and Patient Authored Tips to Help You Stay Involved

Last week, we hosted our first ever Virtual Empowered #patientchat. The Virtual Empowered #patientchat was a moderated 45-minute conversation conducted online via Zoom and Facebook Live along with a lively discussion on Twitter. Below you will find the highlights from the online events and highlights from the conversation on Twitter.

Virtual #patientchat Highlights

Is Telemedicine a Useful Tool?

“I was experiencing some symptoms of COVID and I made an appointment with my PCP. We went over the symptoms and I tested negative for the antibodies, but I didn’t have to go in at the time when it was crowded.” – Mel

“I have always felt that we have under-utilized telemedicine. There is so much that can be done via a telemedicine visit.” – Dr. Rochester

“One of the best things I’ve seen from telemedicine is for a lot of people with physical ability issues or anything like that, or a really bad migraine or if you have a chronic illness that fluctuates every day. What if you make an appointment in December and it comes up a couple months later and you don’t feel good that day. You can still have the access to your provider and talk through any concerns or even potentially get help for a flare or things like that.” – Alexa

At Wits’ End?

“Be kind to yourself. Extend compassion to others. Find an emotional accountability partner. Write down a list of loved ones whenever you think of them so you remind yourself to check in later.” – Honora

Coping Tools

  • Don’t just zoom. Try online games with your loved ones!
  • Schedule virtual coffee or tea
  • Join a wellness challenge!
  • Take care of yourself

Community Empathy

It is normal to feel anxiety right now. Mel recommends finding the techniques that manage it best for you like doing some daily exercise to get your vitamin D. Stay focused: it’s a marathon not a sprint.

A Timeless Call to Action

“Reach out to others. You can physically distance without sociallydistancing. Pick up the phone, call someone, do a zoom call or facetime or skype, but don’t let these trying times prevent you from staying connected with your community and even from creating a brand new community.” – Dr. Rochester

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