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How Can Technology Help You Become an Empowered Patient?


Resource Guide_VID1

Navigating Healthcare Resources Online

Resource Guide_VID2

Forming Your Online Disease Support Community

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The Social Media Experience: Connecting with Patients, Advocates & Experts

Resource Guide_Course4

Navigating Your Health with Electronic Devices

Resource Guide_VID5

How Can Applications Aid Me in My Healthcare Journey?

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Just for the Fun (and Healing!) of It

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Your Step-By-Step Guide to Using Telemedicine

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Joining and Participating in an Online Disease Support Community

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Putting It All Together

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digital sherpa® Checklist

During your 1:1 call, you should be able to accomplish the following:

□ Review Digitally Empowered® Course and see if they have any questions

TIP: Refer to the downloadable guides

□ Ask if they have other questions or challenges that you can help with


□ Help them join the Cancer Experience Registry – Review why and how to register and how to begin survey

TIP: Review why/how to register and how to begin survey

Registry Link:

□ Share Cancer Support Community’s resources:

MyLifeLine – a free social network site where patients and care partners can build a community

    • Easily connect with friends and family by creating your own website to regain control and receive social, emotion, and practical support throughout your cancer journey
    • Ability to share updates and photos, create a helping calendar, and collect funds
    • Access to toll-free number and online chat for emotional support and guidance by licensed counselors
    • Resources on financial issues, health insurance, treatment options, clinical trials, diagnoses, nutrition, and much more

□ Make sure they know they can engage with PEN at any time

Facebook –

Facebook Group –

Twitter –

Signup for PEN’s newsletters –

digital sherpa® Icebreaker

If you are unsure where to begin your 1:1 call, ask your assigned patient these sample questions below to help you get started.


1. What are your expectations of this workshop? What motivated you to register for the digital sherpa Workshop?


2. What is the number one thing you would like to learn today?


3. What category/categories that you would like to learn more about?

    • Basics
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • MyLifeLine
    • CSC Events
    • Ridesharing
    • Patient Communities
    • YouTube
    • Clinical Trials
    • Video Chatting

4. Is there one thing (or more!) that we can help you with today that would make your life easier or more efficient? Examples:

    • Where can you find support?
    • Where can you look for reliable information about your condition?
    • What are the latest treatments and innovations for my condition?
    • I have a specific tech issue(s)